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Container VPS

$ 5.19 /mo
1 vCPU
Storage: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 2 TB
Port speed: 100 Mbps
Backups: Optional
Virtualization: OpenVZ

Linux VPS

$ 6.49 /mo
1 x 2.60 GHz
RAM: 2048 MB
Storage: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 4 TB
Port speed: 100 Mbps
Optional Virtualization: KVM

Windows VPS

$ 14.29 /mo
2 x 2.60 GHz
Storage: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 4 TB
Port speed: 100 Mbps
Backups: Optional
Available OS: Windows 2012 / 2016 / 2019
Virtualization: KVM

Storage VPS

$ 5.19 /mo
1 vCPU RAM: 1 GB
Storage: 512 GB (200 IOPS)
Bandwidth: 4 TB
Port speed: 100 Mbps
Backups: Unavailable
Virtualization: OpenVZ

Hosting Features

All plans include.

Resources on demand

Select a plan without worrying about not getting enough storage or RAM. These resources are dedicated only to your system and you can easily upscale or downscale the package depending on your project’s or business’s needs. Flexibility is our strong point – smoothly upgrade your plan anytime you want and add resources without any system delay. No restart or OS re-installation required.

Complete hosting solution

Enjoy various Windows and Linux OS distribution compatibility and access to cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin control panel licenses. Our Init Scripts automatically set everything up after the initial OS installation – all that is left for you to do is to use your preferred management tools to fully customize and manage your VPS server according to all your needs. It can be done in just a few clicks!

Cloud-based infrastructure

High availability and minimal latency are a must for every good hosting provider. That’s why we power each cheap VPS server with a solid 100 Gbps network capacity and enterprise-class, branded HP ProLiant hardware and guarantee a 99.98% uptime. Enhance the user experience for everyone – slow loading speeds, lag, or inaccessibility will not be an issue with Hostchale.

24/7 customer support

Contact us however you prefer: email, live chat, social networks, or via the ticket system. Time4VPS’s friendly specialists know our system & hardware the best and are ready to guide you, assist with problems, and answer technical questions. You can be assured that someone is always ready to quickly respond to your queries and give all the necessary pointers about cheap VPS hosting.

Flexible billing

Choose the service and the plan that you like and stay with us for as long as you need to. Be it a long-term website with plans of expansion or a short-term development side-project – you don’t have to commit or sign a contract for a specific period for your VPS server. Use our services for a month or more, and if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


With our servers, you get Full Root Access, meaning that you can craft the perfect virtual environment for your website or project. Select and install programs, applications, add-ons, and software that best suits your demands and do whatever you need to do. As long as your activities follow the terms of service, freely create the best server for all your hosting and developing needs.

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The acronym stands for Virtual Private Server. Here, special virtualization technology emulates a dedicated server environment on a physical machine. While all users share the physical machine, the servers are separate and private, which means that you get a dedicated amount of resources all for yourself and work without having to share them with others.

Even with most cheap VPS hosting, users get Full Root Access, allowing them to freely customize this virtual environment to best suit their needs and install preferred OSs, their distributions, and other applications.

With shared hosting, you share space on a physical machine and all its resources with other users. If one user experiences high traffic or needs more bandwidth or RAM, it affects the performance of every other server on the machine. Furthermore, the features and applications are limited only to those allowed by the provider. It’s the cheapest type of hosting that is best for basic, static websites, such as blogs, personal pages, and so on.

With VPS hosting, although you share space on a physical machine, you get a set amount of resources that strictly belong to your VPS server. Each server is separate, and its performance doesn’t depend on the workloads of other virtual environments. It’s a bit pricier than shared hosting, but the advantages of better performance, scalability, and complete control make it the perfect choice for growing websites and personal projects.

With dedicated hosting, you rent out the whole physical machine strictly for yourself. You are responsible for managing all the resources and are in charge of securing the system. This is the most expensive option of the three and is best suited for extra big projects or big companies with massive workloads.

The only difference between the two is the Operating Systems they run on. The former works on Windows OS and the latter on Linux OS. While the OSs are different, both services are evenly matched when it comes to availability and performance. Either one is great for all kinds of projects – in the end, it all comes down to preference.

The former is more like a dedicated server within another physical dedicated server, and it uses KVM virtualization. Generally, it allows more freedom to develop, manage, and configure the cheap VPS server. It’s better suited for projects that have specific technical requirements.

Meanwhile, Container VPS runs with OpenVZ and shares resources with every other client on the host node and is considered container-based virtualization. The Kernel can’t be modified and that’s why the development options are more limited, and this service is cheaper compared to a proper VPS. It’s better suited for small/medium-sized hosting.

The former is an OpenVZ container-based virtualization that is a proper virtual server. It has the same features as a regular VPS, but it has some development restrictions and is limited to certain Linux distributions. It runs on the latest stable Linux kernel version – 3.10.0. The user shares the core resources of the kernel and the whole system operates based on containers. These are usually used with such software as Kubernetes, OpenStack, Docker Swarm, etc., to manage web server resources in clusters.

Storage VPS is an OpenVZ container-based virtual server that is specifically designed to act as a storage solution. If you have large volumes of data or backups that you don’t want to hold on the server, this is the next best option. Our storage solution is hosted on RAID enabled arrays – if one array goes down, the others continue working, making your data always accessible. We also offer full root access and a free DNS manager for easier management.

Even with a cheap VPS server in Europe you get:

Dedicated resources. Depending on the plan, you get a set amount of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth – they belong strictly to you and you can do anything you want with them, without having to share with other users. Additionally, you can easily scale your plan to meet your growing resource demands.
Better performance & stability. Because each virtual server gets its own resources and these environments don’t overlap, each system operates to its fullest potential.
Full control of the virtual environment. With Full Root Access, you can implement server-wide changes or install wanted applications without having to contact the provider for permission to do so. You can easily craft the perfect system for your projects.

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